Aadi Amavasya Special Tourist Train Special Train For A Pilgrimage Trip To Kasi

Aadi Amavasya Special Tourist Train Special Train For A Pilgrimage Trip To Kasi

Aadi Amavasya Special Tourist Train By IRCTC:
Duration: 11 Nights/12 Days
Destination covered : Varanasi - Gaya - Allahabad - Haridwar - Delhi - Mathura
Boarding Points : Madurai, Dindigul, Karur, Erode, Salem, Jolarpettai, Katpadi, Perambur, Nellore, Vijayawada
Deboarding Points :Vijayawada, Perambur, Katpadi, Jolarpettai, Salem, Erode, Karur, Dindigul, Madurai


The special train, named ‘Aadi Amavasai Kasi Yathirai’, will start from Madurai departing for Kasi via Dindigul, Karur, Erode, and Chennai.Aadi Amavasai means The New Moon Day occurring in the month of the Tamil calendar month Aadi(Called as Ashada in Karnataka, Andhra and Northern parts).Aadi Amavasya, the New Moon in August, is one of the most important and effective days to participate in prayers targeted to help liberate your ancestors and receive their blessings for your life success.Aadi Amavasai special pujas are performed in all temples in Tamil Nadu.

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Package Details:
Package Name : Aadi Amavasya Special(SZBD326)
Destination Covered : Varanasi - Gaya - Allahabad - Haridwar - Delhi - Mathura
Travelling Mode: Bharat Darshan Train
Station/Departure Time: Madurai - 00:05 hrs(Tentative)
Class: Budget
Frequency:  07.08.2018

Package Tariff:(Inclusive of GST):
Category  Single
Budget  ₹ 11,340/-

The various events such as paying obeisance to the departed elders, Darshan of Lord Viswanathar and Goddess Visalakshi and Goddess Annapoorani, paying obeisance to the elders on the occasion of Aadi Amavasai (The New Moon Day occurring in the month of the Tamil calendar month Aadi), ‘Vishnu Pada darshan’, visiting Allahabad ‘Triveni Sangamam’, and a visit and Darshan in the temple of Goddess Manasa Devi,

Apart from this, other events in the schedule include sightseeing in Delhi and Darshan at Krishna Janma Bhoomi in Mathura.

About Aadi Amavasya:

Aadi Amavasya is an important day for reaching out to your Higher Self. The dark, or waning, phase of every lunar month, especially the New Moon day (called Amavasya in Sanskrit) facilitates communication with that Higher Self. During this time ancestral souls visit the Earth. The New Moon in the Tamil month of Aadi (mid-July to mid- Aug) is considered especially auspicious for performing rituals to reach out to the souls of our ancestors, honor them and find happiness in our lives. After your ancestors are relieved of their karma they bless you with abundance.

Hindus perform holy bath in various scared rivers, seas and sacred ponds or Teerthams in Tamil Nadu. Thousands of Hindus take a holy dip and perform rites to the dead ancestors at Agni Theertham in Rameswaram, Thriveni Sangamam in Kannyakumari and various holy spots on the banks of Cauvery River.

Fasting on Aadi Amavasai is considered highly beneficial.

Where do the souls of our ancestors find rest and bliss?

The Upanishads tell us that the journey of the departed mortals pass through the dark path of Pitri-yana, which intersects at Pitriloka (the world of departed ancestors), and finally ends at the Moon (Chandraloka). The soul first reaches a place in Pitriloka and depending on the karma, will proceed further on a journey to the Moon during the six months of Dakshinayana when the Sun makes its journey southwards, which considered the time of the darker phase of the moon. After reaching the Moon, they rest in joy and peace.

Aadi Amavasya Date:
Amavasai Tithi Begins:19:07 on 10/Aug/2018
Amavasai Tithi Ends : 15:27 on 11/Aug/2018


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